Playboy is covering it up now by going non-nude for the new generation. Many people have a negative taste about playboy and their nudity. It is very shocking how all of a sudden, they want to shift gears and clean it up.

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Play mate, Pamela Horton is a big supporter of this. Playboy used Pamela Horton as an icon for the new change, making her the “sexy gamer” in her photoshoot. People think video games are just for boys, but Pamela Horton lets us know that girls can do what boys do, and maybe even better. Pamela Horton actually loves video games and loves the fact that she can be an a role model to the new generation of playmates. Pamela Horton is very happy that she has posed nude for Playboy before they made this change. She can let the new playmates know that she has been through it all and can be that ideal role model. Pamela Horton loves everything that Playboy does and stands.