I guess Cleveland isn’t quite ready to go home yet. They pulled off 112 points last night against Golden State’s 97. Check out some highlights…SPECIFICALLY of Kyrie Irving. And no, Draymond didn’t bite LeBron’s ear off yet (mostly cause he didn’t play).

So tonight’s stars were definitely James and Irving. Since GSW were short Green, they seemed to fizzle…even Curry. I mean, a full 7 games always makes the playoffs more interesting, but I for one was sure that Golden State was going to walk away quickly with the prize. Tonight, LeBron and Kyrie said naaaahh, not so much, becoming the first ever teammates to score at least 40 points each in a Finals game. Alright now.

JR Smith took out Andrew Bogut at the basket…I mean, not intentionally, but that’s what happened. He left the game in the 3rd quarter with what seems like a sprain and is slated to get an MRI.

On to the next one!! Game 6: Thursday night 9PM EST.