Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa’s marriage has truly been a love roller coaster. Unlike some divorces,the former couple who as of recently is officially divorced still have a great relationship.Just a few weeks ago the two were seen partying at a strip club together.

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In a recent interview with Hot 97, Amber Rose opens up about her current love life where she tells us her current feelings towards rapper Wiz Khalifa. Even after their divorce she still wants to have another child by the rapper in the future.In the interview she states

“I tell Wiz all the time– please freeze your sperm for me”.

We all can agree their son Bash is adorable, but can we expect another Khalifa baby in the future? According to Amber if that were to happen it wont be until the far future.Although the two are not working towards being a couple right now , their friendship and love for each other will always remain. That’s great to see that their relationship after divorce is positive with no hard feelings especially while they are coparenting. Want to see what else is new with Amber Rose? Check out her interview with HOT 97 below.