The Cleveland Cavaliers…much to the chagrin of what feels like…ummm…the nation (outside of Cleveland) have managed to pull out another “W” which will take the NBA finals into Game 7.

“…we got off to a terrible start…when you dig yourself in a hole like that…”

Draymond was clearly not happy with his team’s performance on his return from the one game suspension. But was it that or did Cleveland just play well? I swear, everywhere I look there are Cav memes, LeBron memes, it seems like everyone wants the proverbial underdog GSW to win…finish out the record setting season with that golden trophy. It just doesn’t seem like the Cavaliers are ready to sit yet though.

Cavs 115
GSW 101

King James produced another 41 points in response to Steph Curry’s 30…Curry might have gotten more if he wasn’t ejected from the game for fouling out and…throwing his mouthpiece into the crowd? Eww. You know, it’s funny, I was having this conversation about Steph and LeBron tonight. My mom, like most was beaming about Steph…family man, great even personality…meanwhile LeBron is a bully, totally full of himself. My response though? Look at the stardom of the two. Some people manage to remain humble, others allow the stardom to get to their heads over a period of time. I mean, You can’t blame them. When people start referring to you as the “king” you’re probably gonna start acting like one.

As for Mr. Curry’s lil outburst…again- human. Can’t wait to see what my mom has to say bout his unsportsmanlike conduct. And check LeBron’s post-game interview giving props to his teammates, his coaches, and even Curry. Mmmmmmhhmmmm…

Anyhoo…get ready for the final showdown. It’s all tied up at 3 games to 3. Steph and LeBron face off again at the home of GSW…7pm EST on Sunday. Who are you rooting for?