Honestly, I thought we were done with the deflate gate fiasco, but good grief, those Bostonians…don’t nobody better not say nuthin bout good ole’ Tom Brady…

Ben Affleck was one of the first guests on a new HBO sports show, Any Given Wednesday, hosted by Bill Simmons. When Simmons brought up deflate gate, Ben flipped completely out. Count the F bombs if you can.

Oooo I love late night cable talk shows!! I swear they serve shots in the green room to loosen up the talent. Yikes. Listen to the audience. I wish they’d have panned. I bet everyone’s mouths were hanging open. Sheesh!! Be sure to check out the gallery too. Do you see what I see?

F*ck it! Tom Brady for president!!!

I hope you’re wearing headphones if you’ve got kids nearby. This is NOT for them.