The issue of gun violence has gone well beyond getting out of hand with the national violence that’s ben occurring over the past decade. The topic has already trickled down to the youth, our future. Today a twelve year old girl real showed how bad things have gotten.

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A twelve year old student at MS 158, drew an imitation 9mm on her classmate today. The student with the fake weapon was taken into custody, after pressing the other girl with the air gun and pulled the trigger on her chest. The incident occurred in the bathroom, police say nothing was shot from the air gun and nobody was injured. This isn’t the first situation regarding students bringing serious weapons to school. This is actually the third incident involving a gun.

On Wednesday, a BB gun was confiscated from a seven year old back in a Staten Island public school. As well as on Thursday, when a twelve year old boy brought a pistol to school for protection in the Bronx.

There’s no reason why a twelve year old child should feel like they need a gun to protect them from their peers or anyone for that matter. The gun violence as we know have been out of hand a long time ago. I hope congress and politicians find a way to make the streets safer and find a way to maintain peace for all. Without our youth, there is no future.

Source: New York Daily News