Ben Simmons may have been the first pick taken in the NBA draft a few nights ago but this is just the start. He has a long way to go to show he was worthy of the pick and to earn the respect of guys in the league. While speaking with “The Dan Patrick Show”, Simmons revealed something Lebron said, or should I say did, to remind him that he hasn’t earned the right to talk just yet.


Simmons said that he and Lebron had spoken via Facetime after the draft while he was at a party for his family and friends. “I told him that I look forward to finally matching up against him,” Simmons said.

Patrick laughed and asked how did that go and that was when Simmons revealed Lebron left him speechless. “He just flipped the camera around and it was the championship trophy,” Simmons said. “So I couldn’t say anything back.”

End of discussion.

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