The controversy continues for Breezy’s team, this time around his tour manager quit on the spot and says it’s due to Chris’ drug habits and that he threatened her, too.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

Sources close to Chris’ tour bus tells TMZ he went on a drug induced “tirade”, May 23 during his European tour. Nancy Gosh claims Brown cursed her out over her employment terms, was basically on cloud 9, and so she hopped off the bus and quit. The next day Gosh wrote an email to Chris’ team, stipulating she felt unsafe because Chris has been “irrational and high on drugs”, also claiming Brown referenced “what he did to Mike G” and threatened to do the same to her. Gosh says she refused to stay on the same bus as Chris, fearing for her safety.

Apparently a production manager also complained about Breezy’s behavior, through his lawyer, that Chris has been verbally abusive and threatening. Waiting on word back from Chris’ camp…