IFWT_Trolls are sadist
Anyone that has ever put out ‘work’ on the internet understands the level of ‘criticism’ that usually comes with it, although one may be looking for ‘feedback’ but that’s not usually what they get, they get the ‘HATE’!

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Now if you’re not use to this, it could make you rather pissed off that people you don’t even know have something negative to say about the hard work you put into a product with complete disregard of said hard work. Hopefully this video will help push that ‘hate’ to the side, or the very least understand that responding to troll non-sense only gives them pleasure;

Personally I get a ton of trolls saying what type of ‘Ebro’ I look like, the funniest one has to be ‘he looks like Ebro with extreme ptsd’, but it doesn’t bother me, especially now that I know they’re sadist, when they hate I know it’s because they wish they could be in my position!!!