For colleges that is! Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal’s oldest son Shareef is already a force to be reckoned with at 16 and a mere 6’9…he’s killin’ em. And colleges are recognizing.

Earlier this year, TMZ was chatting with the young man about college and his plans for the NBA. Mom and dad have done something very right with this young man. His plan is to stay in school, get his education focusing on English and enter the NBA when he’s ready. Sounds great to me! Check the gallery for his goal sheet from a few years ago, he’s knockin’ em’ back rather quickly. Looks like he’s surpassing his next goal of 10 D1 schools looking to give him a full ride. He posted the pic on snapchat earlier. Congrats Mr. O’Neal…keep it up!

This makes me want to watch their new reality show even more!

The only thing I want to know though is…what’s his free-throw percentage? #IJS Heeeeeey Shaq!!

Check out the old video too…very well spoken. I love it!