Bharathi Veerath is known as Uber’s first female driver in India. She had now been found dead and they are suspecting a suicide.

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Uber India spokesperson released a statement on Veerath saying,

“We are shocked and saddened to learn of the tragic death of Bharathi Veerath. Bharathi was a positive person and one of our top women driver partners. She was an inspiration to many driver partners and riders. Our thoughts are with her family.”

She was hanged in her home which she lived alone in. Her family says she was depressed following the death of her parents a few years ago. During a interview last year Veerath spoke on working in a male field saying,

“The male drivers wouldn’t come up and say anything. But I would get stares from them. …It’s their [regressive] mindset, but that cannot really stop me from carrying on with my profession. Eventually, they got used to seeing me around, so they wouldn’t look.”

This is tragic.

Source: Complex