Pat Riley and the owner of the Heat may not be showing Dwyane Wade the love and respect he deserves but the fans damn sure are. Wade received a low ball offer of $10 million to return to the Heat next season. As you saw yesterday, average players who haven’t done much were getting way more than that so there is no way that Wade would accept something like that. He felt disrespected so he started talking with other teams but the Heat fans absolutely love Wade and don’t want to see him go. They did the only thing they could do to help, which was to start a GoFundMe page with the intentions of making up the $10 million in salary that the team offered him compared to what he wants!


Wade made $20 million last season and he expects at least that same number. Clearly the Heat don’t realize the times he has already taken pay cuts or one year deals just to help the team. Wade now has meetings scheduled with the Knicks and Bucks next week and for the first time it feels like he really will leave South Beach.

The fans want him to stay and want him to know they respect him so they started the GoFundMe page. Here are the details, courtesy of BSO

PayWade.com is led by a group of loyal Miami Heat fans who are embarrassed by the low-ball offers and continuous discounts the team continues to ask of Dwyane Wade.

Since 2003, Wade has been the face of the franchise, the reason why Miami is now considered a basketball town. Let the organization know that we the fans are not happy about all this stuff we’re hearing about $10 million offers and meetings being scheduled with other teams such as the Bucks and Knicks.

The organization is very good at preaching about family and it’s time they start practicing what they preach by not taking Wade for granted and taking care of one of their own.

Let’s do whatever it takes to keep him in Miami-Wade County.

If the team won’t pay him, we the fans will!

* Well, not really cause we’re sure it’s against NBA rules, but we’ll pass along any donations of the Pay Wade movement to Wade’s World Foundation.

Help spread the word!

They’re right. This is definitely against league rules and even if they made $10 million they wouldn’t be able to give it to the Heat or Wade, legally at least. Still not a bad thing if Wade’s foundation benefits from it though.

The Heat better come correct or they will watch their most famous player walk away.