Tomi Lahren is back…..yet again but this time to defend herself and to continue to sound uneducated and unaware of what is really happening here in America. Shots were fired after people got on her for her critique about the amazing speech Jesse Williams delivered at the 2016 BET Awards. Lahren went on to say that Williams’ speech made it sound like as if black people are trying to play the victim but can you really blame this woman for saying what she said? What black America deals with on a day to basis is not her reality but that does not give her the right to share he uneducated opinion.

Check out what she had to say in the video after the jump!

Instagram | Carli Knox

Tomi Lahren is back for the second time in seven days to share with us her uneducated opinion on how she feels about Jesse Williams and all of black America. In the video below Tomi says that black America is mad at the truth and that is not true. Black America is mad at people like her who are blind to what is really happening here in this country. Before you open your mouth about issues here in the United States PLEASE be fully aware of what you’re talking about and be able to back up what you have to say with RELEVANT facts.

Check out the video below and then comment and share with us your thoughts about what she had to say.