IFWT_Harrison Barnes Andrew Bogut Mavericks

With Kevin Durant selecting the Golden State Warriors, they had to make some changes to their roster to make room.  They began by renouncing Festus Ezeli, making him a free agent, and now as I reported before, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Bogut are on their way out too.

Harrison Barnes is a restricted free agent and the Warriors were reportedly going to match any offer for him if they did not get Durant.  Now that they have, the Dallas Mavericks and Barnes have come to a verbal agreement on a four-year, $94 million deal which the Warriors obviously won’t match.

The Mavericks and Warriors are also working on a trade for Andrew Bogut.  Dallas has the space to absorb Bogut’s $11 million expiring contract.  That trade like the other deals can’t be signed until July 7.

So the teammates who are also reportedly good friends, will stay together.

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