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Prince’s Paisley Park may or may not be turned into a museum, and it will take some time before a decision is made either way. In the interim, fans of the late legend will be able to celebrate his memory by visiting the Prince Online Museum.

Though it won’t be the same experience as a tangible place, the Prince Online Museum will showcase all of Prince’s official websites from the last 20 years.

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“This Museum is an archive of that work and a reminder of everything he accomplished as an independent artist with the support of his vibrant and dedicated online community,” said Sam Jennings, the site’s director.

The sites featured include:

3rdEyeGirl.com (2013)
20PR1NC3.com (2013)
Lotusflow3r.com (2009)
3121.com (2007)
3121.com (2006)
NPGMusicClub.com (2004-2006)
NPGMusicClub.com (2003)
NPGMusicClub.com (2002)
NPGMusicClub.com (2001)
NPG Music Club v1 (2001), screen gallery
NPGOnlineLtd.com (2000)
Love4OneAnother.com (1999)
1800NewFunk.com (1999)
CrystalBallCD.com (1997)
TheDawn.com (1996), screen gallery
Prince Interactive (1994), walkthrough

Source: Billboard