Always happy, even when speaking on a close friend you killed. Smh.

Posted by: Frankie Zing

The story is a little confusing, coming from the horse’s mouth some months later, but this is how No Plug tells it to VladTV in an interview:

“[Bankroll] came out, playin’ with the shit. He fired a shot, and shit happened. We pulled off, he end up dead. That’s as simple as shit was. Like he pulled the gun, shot the motherfucker, couple shots got fired back, he got hit, I leave. Next thing you know, folks callin’ me saying ‘Fresh dead,’ know what I’m sayin’. I called my lawyer, S. Joseph, Gucci Mane’s lawyer, gave him $10,000, go down to the homicide, tell Ms. Benton everything, and shit, everything was great. End of story.”

See for yourself below: