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We all watched Rich Homie Quan brutally murder the late, great Biggie’s verse on “Get Money” at VH1’s Hip-Hop Honors on Monday night. He’s since apologized, but that doesn’t mean people won’t continue to share their opinion. I mean – it’s freaking BIGGIE! How do you mess that up?

Many of us still can’t wrap our heads around why Quan, an Atlanta artist, was chosen to represent for a Brooklyn legend – as so many others were around that could have done it. Hell, Papoose was even in the audience! There’s Fabolous, Maino, Joey Bada$$, we’d even take Desiigner. Another perfect choice would have been Lil Cease, for obvious reasons (though it would have never happened, for other obvious reasons,) and now he’s sharing his opinion on the matter as well.

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“I caught it live and as soon as that performance was over I started getting text messages, notifications—my phone was going crazy,” Cease tells Complex. He was not in attendance, but was watching it at home. “Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, phone calls.”

On his reaction:

“I laughed. I’m not all serious about things, like some people are. I was disappointed like, Damn out of all the things you messed up the B.I.G. part? Come on, dawg. For a new cat from the South to come out and she’s giving you love to do that part, I feel like you have to take it more seriously, more professional. I don’t think he understood the dynamic. People like Big and Pac and Big Pun and them, you can’t play with them vocals like that. But I can’t fault him that much, either. He was asked to be a part of it.”

On who he thought would have been a better fit:

“I think a bunch of other people from New York could’ve gone up there. I knew I wasn’t going to be a part of it, because me and Kim have a situation that we never fixed. It could’ve been Fabolous, it could’ve been his son CJ [Wallace], it could’ve been anybody else. I felt like [Rich Homie Quan] was put in a bad place. It’s messed up on his behalf because he’s getting the wrong end of the stick. Everyone is sensitive now; with social media, you have to be on your tippy toes because you can become a meme. Yo, I sat here and watched my phone go off.”

Check out the full interview over at Complex.