Doyonte Resiles escaped from his shackles inside of a Florida court house and is currently on the loose according to authorities. The Florida death row inmate accused of stabbing a woman in her bathtub during a robbery attempt in 2014, breached the perimeter police established following his escape, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel confirmed in a press conference. Portions of the courthouse was evacuated and put on lock down following Resiles escape. Resiles reportedly jumped out of the jury box inside a courtroom and ran around 9:30 a.m.

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Authorties are unsure how Resiles managed to get the shackles off of his ankles. Broward County Public Defender Howard Finklestein, also present inside the courtroom, said a woman may have created a distraction to aid Resiles’ escape.

“She stands up and starts clapping very loud. Next thing that happens is the defendant kicks his feet, the shackles come off as if they were not fastened or he had a key, and runs out of the courtroom.”

The inmate dogged a deputy during the escape but wriggled free of the officers grasp and fled and left behind his handcuffs and jumpsuit.

“No one can figure how he got the leg shackles and the handcuffs off; whether he had a key or was adept at slipping them off.”

Said Attorney Jim Lewis, who was present inside the courtroom during Resiles getaway.

K9 units, helicopters and police officials are searching the courthouse and the surrounding area.

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Source: NY Daily News