The new poster for “Birth of a Nation” just might cause hella controversy. Actor Nate Parker, who plays Nat Turner in the movie, is showed being hung by an American flag. White people aint gonna like this lol Check out the pic after jump.

Dilson Hernandez: Facebook | Instagram

The image was released through TIDAL (Go to the gallery to see the new poster). The movie couldn’t be released in a more perfect moment in America. Race, in connection to inequality, is such a huge topic now in this country.

Considering the amount of violence happening lately, its no surprise though, that a movie like this could cause some tension. Also, many people think anyone who calls America systematically racist is “Anti-American” and the poster def won’t help in that case.

But hey, it’s needed. It was a reality then and it’s a reality now. Nate Parker took to his Instagram and said: