Nico Ali Walsh is a 15 year old boxer on the rise. The odds of him being successful are pretty good considering he is the grandson of Muhammad Ali and has the champs genes already built in. Athletes run in the family because Nico’s older brother, Biaggio, is a phenom on the football field and has any major college programs recruiting him after being named Nevada Gatorade player of the year. It turns out the person in charge of young Nico’s boxing career at the moment is none other than Flavor Flav.


The pairing of Flav with Nico may seem odd but he has been around the family forever as older brother Biaggio is Flav’s Godson. He seemed pretty excited to talk about Nico’s boxing skills while he was out in Beverly Hills yesterday.

Nico looks like he is well on his way to stardom judging by this clip below where he wins via knockout and looks good doing so.