Denver, Colorado may be the mile high city but another town shows that there not alone. When Hugo, Colorado officials released a water advisory the initial stereotypical fear was navigated towards lead. But in an interesting so cliche for Denver plot twist the advisory was due to THC. Officials have warned not to drink or bathe in the water. More on the story after the jump.

By: BreadFox Instagram || Twitter

While other states are worrying about lead filled waters the weed state have different concerns. Colorado officials from the town of Hugo have issued a water advisory due to THC being found in the water. They found THC, yes THC, the active chemical which gives marijuana its potent effect. Although this may be weed smokers dream a red light is out for all those who think to test out the water. Officials have advised that no one should consume the water in any fashion. They have even made it clear not to allow pets to consume or bath in the water either. The FBI has joined in with the local police to conduct an investigation and surely updates are to come.

Source: Denver Post