Michelle Obama delivered such a powerful speech at the DNC. The first lady says in November, we will have the power to determine who will help shape the lives of our children for four years. She goes on to state her support for Hillary Clinton.

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FLOTUS says,

“There is only one person who I believe is truly qualified to be president of the united states and that is our friend Hillary Clinton. I trust Hillary to lead this country because I’ve seen her lifelong devotion to our nation’s children.”

Mrs. Obama spoke on not looking at Republican or Democratic but looking at who is most in shape to run this country. I can’t believe we will soon be saying good bye to the Obama’s but Michelle is right. Time to get our head in the game and do what’s best for America.

President Obama backed up his wife tweeting,

Incredible speech by an incredible woman. Couldn’t be more proud & our country has been blessed to have her as FLOTUS. I love you, Michelle.

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