This story is truly heartbreaking. An elderly couple by the name of Hank and Hellen got ripped off by their grandson which resulted in them being kicked out of their home after living there for 56 years. A neighbor noticed when the couple would go out on weekends with their grandson, there would be a realtor coming by and showing the house to potential buyers.

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The neighbor did research and found out that the grandson had put the home up for sale without telling them. He even took out 3 different loans. When Hank and Hellen confronted him and he disappeared and never returned. Hellen said at one time she wanted to commit suicide. She could not understand how her grandson could do this to her. The couple states they have no where to go at this point. There is currently a GoFundMe page to help Hank and Hellen but they feel hopeless at this point.
This is tragic.

Source: WSHH