After being released on all charges, the officers in Freddie Gray’s are now looking to pursue a lawsuit against Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby. Out of the six officers in the case, five of them are now suing Mosby. These officers include: Officer Garrett Miller, Officer Edward Nero, Officer William Porter, Lt. Brian Rice, and Sgt. Alicia White.

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The suits were actually filed in April/May of last year. This comes after the officers were arrested, allege defamation, false arrest, and false imprisonment. Attorney for Porter and White, Michael E. Glass, claims that his clients were put through “extensive pain and suffering.” I guess everything Freddie Gray’s family went though and is probably still going through!

Lt. Brian Rice states he was not involved in Gray’s arrest. The lawsuit says,

“At no point during his interactions with Mr. Gray did Plaintiff Rice see any officers use excessive force, strike or tase Mr. Gray.”

Rice states that Mosby spoke about him in a “divisive and inciting manner” while “making false statements about him. The lawsuit goes on to say Rice,

“lost his freedom and dignity and suffered physical and psychological harm from being arrested and detained without cause.”

Glass says,

“Marilyn Mosby’s comments in her press conference today confirm that the charges brought against my clients, Sgt. Alicia White and Officer William Porter, as well as the other four officers, were politically motivated and not supported by evidence to establish probable cause,”

He is speaking on the press conference where Mosby announced the dropping of the charges against the officers. Mosby called the case “inherently bias” as she went on to say,

“There were individual police officers that were witnesses to the case, yet were part of the investigative team, interrogations that were conducted without asking the most poignant questions, lead detectives that were completely uncooperative and started a counter-investigation to disprove the state’s case.”

In my opinion this lawsuit is BS. Justice was not served for Freddie Gray which is the sad part.

Source: Complex