Aldon Smith has checked himself into rehab today and the timing raises some questions. It isn’t clear what Smith is seeking treatment for, but the news comes days after a Periscope video surfaced that shows an unidentified man and woman talking about smoking. You never see the man’s face in the video but at the end, it pretty much becomes clear who it is.


At one point in the video, the woman tells the man that he “shouldn’t even be posting that” and that he is “hella stupid” as the man holds the lit cigarette.

The video cuts off immediately after the man says, “They don’t know it’s me. It’s not like I put ‘Aldon Smith.'”

Smith has already had a few issues with DUI arrests in the past and is serving a yearlong suspension that was handed down in November when he violated the NFL’s substance-abuse policy. Whatever type of help Smith is looking for let’s hope he gets it because he is way too talented to be ruining his career anymore.