Vic Mensa has now openly spoke on trying acid while in the studio. Mensa says he almost killed himself. This was at the time when both his popularity and drug use were on a rise.

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Vic spoke on the incident during a recent interview. He said,

“I was in a point of time since probably 2013 where I jumped from drug to drug as, like, a creative crutch. It was really like a handicap, but I got to a point where I just felt like I needed drugs to write, to be creative, and thought it was psychedelic drugs.”

One night, Mensa was in the studio with a few friends and they started doing Acid.

“Somehow things just took a really negative turn. I just felt really low and at the bottom of it, and I was on the ground trying to sink into the floor. Then I went outside and I went to my car. It was near Halloween and I had this toy pistol in my trunk, it was part of my costume. And I’m just glad it wasn’t a real pistol. I was just thinking about bridges and all that suicidal shit.”

Mensa says the drug use put him in a dark place.

“It scarred me for a while. I was definitely dealing with that bad trip for at least a year.” nce at.

I truly have a lot of respect for Mensa. As an artist, he makes it a priority to address relevant topics in his music. Artist like that make me grateful for them because this is what the young generation needs. A leader. Someone who gets it and can use their talents to teach.

Source: Complex