DeRay McKesson, a prominent figure in the Black Lives Matter movement, was arrested along with 200 people during peace protests from July 6 – 11 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and according to him, unlawfully. He’s not letting this one go as he moves forward to sue the police force himself.

Frankie Zing

He and other protestors Kira Marrero and Gloria La Riva claim police acted in a “militarized and aggressive manner” during the arrest. In the lawsuit, McKesson claims police had machine guns pointed at those protesting for peace and justice for Alton Sterling.

The city recently announced it’s not going to prosecute the majority of the “detainees” of the protests, including the three plaintiffs in this case. But, the activists are seeking damages for the administrative fees, attorney’s fees, and other costs incurred from the arrests, as well as asking for their arrest records to be expunged.