Kanye has reached a huge milestone has he has surpassed the king of pop on the Billboard Chart. Kanye now has 40 songs that hit the Hot 100 Charts, while Michael Jackson only had 39. ScHoolboy Q’s ‘That Part’ made it from 42 to 40 on the chart. Kanye was on the song which made him the top 10 male artists for most Top 40 hits.

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Other artist such as wayne, Chris Brown, And Jay-Z are on the charts with more than Kanye but none have been able to top Elvis Presley who has 80. This is still great news for Kanye!

80 – Elvis Presley
69 – Lil Wayne
57 – Elton John
53 – Drake
46 – Stevie Wonder
45 – Jay Z
44 – James Brown
>42 – Chris Brown
41 – Marvin Gaye
40 – Kanye West

Source: Complex