Joanne The Scammer is a bad b*tch who scams men out of millions, but the guy behind the bad wigs and fur coats is far different. Branden Miller was adopted at a young age to white parents, and only found out he was of Black and Puerto Rican decent when a family friend let the secret slip at 17.

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“That was tragic, I’m not going to lie,” Miller told The FADER in a new interview. “I found out I was adopted, and then I found out I was black. I was like, ‘Oh sh*t, none of these people are really related to me at all! … I thought I was white. I had white friends. I was a white person! I still have my moments where I’m like, Oh my God. That’s really awkward.”

He also discussed his past in porn prior to hitting it big as Joanne, living a very boring life in Florida, discovering he was gay and more. Read the full interview here.