Johnny Manziel’s name has been mentioned in the same sentence as the Dallas Cowboys countless times by now. It started even before the draft and continued during his time in Cleveland and the mentions grew even louder when he was released. The Cowboys have been known to take chances on a player who has issues off the field but Cowboys VP Stephen Jones, son of owner Jerry Jones, made it very clear he will never be a member of their franchise.


“There’s no chance,” Jones said on CBS Sports Radio’s “Tiki and Tierney,” when asked if the Cowboys would consider signing Manziel. “Obviously Johnny needs to get his hands around his life. He needs to do the things that make him a good person off the field, I think, before he can ever be successful in our league.”

Manziel grew up in Texas and played at Texas A&M, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has said he wanted to take the former Heisman Trophy winner in the first round of the 2014 draft. Last week, Manziel told TMZ he wanted to play for the Cowboys.

“Unfortunately, he has some things that are holding him back not only as a football player, but as a person in life,” Jones said. “We certainly hope he gets his hands around that because he’s obviously a guy who has some very unique successes in his life.

“I hope he is able to get his hands around his life, and at some point if he does, I’m sure he’ll get another chance, but at the moment, it certainly won’t be in Dallas.”