Joey Badass has just lost his cousin to gun violence. 22 year-old Terrell Henry was gunned down outside of Reyes Food Market as his twin brother watched it happen. So Sad.

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The Daily News reported,

Terrell Henry, 22, was blasted in the back and neck on Covert St. near Wilson Ave. in Bushwick just after buying an iced tea around 1 a.m., cops said. The killer fled and remained on the loose.

The victim’s twin brother Derrell was close enough to hear the gunshots outside the Reyes Food Market, and he rushed too late to his dying sibling’s side. A third friend was with Derrell when the shooting started.

Police provided no motive for the tragedy, and George Henry said his sons were just “at the wrong place at the wrong time.” The dad said he had sent the twins to private schools and kept them clear of neighborhood gangs.

Henry was about to take on Senior year at John Jay College of Criminal Justice. He one day dreamed of joining the FBI. Joey took to Instagram to speak on losing his cousin. He said,

No words… Just a heavy heart. RIP to my cousin Terrell Henry smh… Through all the positivity there’s always a negative… truly devastated ? #ForeverRell #ForeverJR

Prayers go out to Joey and his family.

Source: HOT97