You guys probably don’t remember Jeffrey Harrison by name but you more than likely remember the jokes people had when pictures of him playing basketball in a full Michael Jordan uniform went viral. Harrison actually always dresses like Jordan when he’s on the court and has been doing so for years. It turns out the GOAT himself saw the videos of Harrison dressed like him and sent him a bunch of great stuff and even called him but there is so much more to this feel good story.


Harrison is a 33 year old man who worships Michael Jordan. “He wakes up in the morning watches Michael Jordan videos, studies Michael Jordan moves,” said Harrison’s close friend Alfred Byrd. The fascination with MJ started when he was just 4 years old. He used to take off so fast, flying through players like a ghost just dunking on them,” said Harrison.

It has only grown since, and he is not shy about showing it. He has been wearing the Jordan uniform since 2010. It has earned him nicknames like Jordan, for instance. The response it not always positive. “They can laugh at him and say, ‘Haha he’s wearing old Michael Jordan clothes he’s a wannabe,’” said Byrd.

Darnay Tripp of KREM in Spokane, Washington did a great write up on Harrison and it’s a tale of knowing someones full story before making fun of them. There were a lot of harsh jokes at Harrison’s expense when the videos went viral but there is much more to him than just wanting to be like Mike.

Harrison has autism. Byrd has known Harrison for 20 years and seen the challenges he faces. From not being able to have a job, to the criticism that comes when he is doing what he loves. Sometimes people aren’t nice to him because of his condition but he never lets it get him down. He challenges the perception of who he is and what he is capable of both in life and in basketball.

It is the most important difference between Jeffrey Harrison and many others. He is going to keep doing what he loves to do, no matter what challenges he faces.

“He’s always striving to succeed on what he wants to be in life a lot of people don’t have that inside that drive inside to push themselves he’s been pushing the day he was born and he hasn’t stopped now,” said Byrd.

All of that brings us to this week when Harrison received a package from Michael Jordan, as well as phone call and letter that will have you smiling and feeling good for Harrison.

This was such a great move by the GOAT. The impact this small gesture will have on Harrison for the rest of his life is not even possible to put into words. Check the gallery to see some of the gifts MJ sent.