Ken Taylor’s statements are literally the epitome of what’s wrong this country. He reasoning behind his refusal to attend the meeting was absolutely ridiculous.

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“I will NOT attend a function that is sent to me in Spanish/Mexican. One nation means one language and I am insulted by the division caused by language.”

Im not quite sure which one is worse. The fact that he deadass referred to Spanish/Mexican as an actual language or the fact that he thinks introducing a new languages into America’s day-to-day functions is causing divisiveness, when there’s technically no official language in this country…

But he continues…

“It is far past time to remember that we should be “America First”. There is NOTHING wrong with that.”

The state of Arizona used to be part of Mexico before it was taken by the US. So there no denying that Spanish is still going to be alive and well considering how close it is to Mexico, along with the Mexican folks still living in Arizona from the time of its occupation. Spanish was part of Arizona’s history long before America stepped foot in it. And that’s what makes this country special. It’s diversity. Not the exclusive, Christian-“moral”, white-bred bastion dream that conservatives claim it is.

He concludes…

“I have better things to do in fighting the problems they export to us. The only thing I care to get from Mexico is an apology to our nation in English and actual action that stops the carnage spilling over the border into our homes… The more I think about it, this is probably a big sentiment in parts of Arizona where people do not like people to speak Spanish in this country.”

God Bless America, huh.