Actor Nate Parker has appeared in many films, but the forthcoming A Birth of a Nation has more eyes on him than ever because of his critically acclaimed performance. Because of this, his life and his past have been picked apart, and a trial for a rape he was accused of in 1999 has come to light.

Parker was in college at the time and was accused of raping a young woman with a colleague of his, but was later acquitted after the victim admitted she’d had consensual sex with him prior to the incident. His colleague was found guilty, however, but later appealed his charges and currently has a career in film as well.

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In the midst of all the new digging, it has been discovered that the victim actually committed suicide in 2012, presumably as a result of the trauma she suffered from the tragic incident. In light of the new details, Parker has addressed everything in a lengthy Facebook post.

Check out what he said in the gallery and let us know your thoughts. RIP to the young woman, and prayers to her family.