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After being formally charged with sexual assault yesterday, Freddie Gibbs has been released on bail from an Austrian jail. His lawyers have released a lengthy statement on the matter, which you can read below.

If you don’t care to read it all, it basically explains that while he was charged, nothing new has come out in the case, and it still remains merely based on the accuser’s word. As per Austrian law, Freddie has not yet been able to provide ANY of the evidence he reportedly has that will prove he is completely innocent, as he continues to maintain. What a screwed up system, huh? This has been going on for over two months now!

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“Freddie Gibbs was released today on bail. We believe this is the first step toward his eventual exoneration and vindication. We are pleased and thankful that the Court recognized the same trust and confidence we have in Freddie that justified his release. Immediately after his release I spoke with Freddie who expressed his heartfelt appreciation and thanks for the overwhelming outpouring of support he has received.

Yesterday’s charge remains only an allegation, and it does not in any way change the actual facts that Freddie Gibbs is 100% innocent.

As he has done with his bail request, he continues to pursue every available means to demonstrate that he is absolutely innocent and that he has been both belatedly and wrongly accused. As the investigation and process continues, Mr. Gibbs remains hopeful that a thorough, searching and complete investigation will reveal the actual facts, including the absence of any scientific, physical, or credible evidence implicating him, thereby paving the way for his exoneration and return to his family and one-year old child.

In accordance with Austrian procedure Mr. Gibbs has not as yet had the opportunity to provide the authorities and the Court with the substantial and compelling exonerating evidence that he has compiled.

Through counsel Mr. Freddie Gibbs has consistently remained fully cooperative with law enforcement offices and judicial systems in both France and Austria and will continue to do so.”

Source: XXL