According to authorities, a woman terrorized Kris Jenner by hacking into her iCloud. The woman tried to impersonate Jenner and sent explicit messages. The woman was hit with a 15-count indictment for harassing Kris, her family members and 2 assistants back in 2014.

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The texts,

“Can I eat you out. Oh you can’t block me forever love.”
“I’m gonna duck you right in the p**** hole you are mine and u am in love”
“Instagram me. Make me famous.”

Documents say the woman claimed to have a sex tape of Kris Jenner and also impersonated a Kardashian matriarch while on a phone call with police. The woman texted Caitlyn Jenner saying,

“Kris hates blacks and we made it to TMZ bye Bruce.”

The woman was taken by the FBI on Thursday in Oakland. The charges included multiple counts of cyberstalking and hacking.

Source: TMZ