Anthony Anderson has now spoken out on Nate Parker after an old rape story has been bought back to surface. Anderson who is also a fellow rape accusee says people should focus on Parker’s filmmaking skills rather than a story that he was cleared on.

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An interview approached Anderson while he was in a car.

“Hey, everyone’s talking about this Nate Parker situation with Birth of a Nation, they’re bringing up a rape case that happened when he was 19. Do you think this is gonna affect the film?,” he asks.

“I have no idea, but you know what, I think he’s a great guy, and an excellent filmmaker and a great actor. That’s what we should focus on,” Anderson answers.

“Are you gonna watch the film?,” the interviewer asks.

“Of course I am,” Anderson says.

Back in 2004, Anderson was cleared of a rape charge after a woman accused him of sexual assault on the Hustle and Flow set. One the judge heard the woman’s testimony, she dismissed the case. Parker’s rape case has been bought back up even though he had been cleared. So sad. All the good that man is doing and people are trying to tear him down.

Source: Complex