As if we weren’t already nervous about the spread of the Zika virus, now we’re being told that the virus is active and in full effect in Miami. If you’re in Florida or plan to go soon, definitely hit the jump to read what’s going on.

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Florida’s governor Rick Scott has confirmed that the Zika virus is being spread by local mosquitoes in the area of Miami Beach. The local federal officials have made it clear that anyone traveling to South Florida should be very careful.
The governor said at a press conference today:

“We believe we have a new area where local transmissions are occurring in Miami Beach.”

CDC Director Tom Frieden also shared:

“We’re in the midst of mosquito season and expect more Zika infection in the days and months to come. It’s difficult but important that pregnant women make every effort to avoid mosquito bites and avoid going to areas where Zika is spreading.”

As of Thursday, the Florida Department of Health reported 479 travel related cases of Zika and 35 local cases. Everyone is urged to be safe and mindful of their surroundings, and to have safe sex.