Kobe Bryant comparing himself to Russell Westbrook is nothing new, in fact he has done so on numerous occasions in the past couple years. During an appearance on the Jim Rome Show this week, he found himself talking about Russ again and also shared his thoughts on Kevin Durant’s decision to sign with the Warriors.


Kobe had a once in a generation desire to win at all costs, that previous to him was only really seen in Michael Jordan. Even with that said, he believes Russ is of that same mold.

“When I turn on the TV and watch players play, the player that plays with the same kind of emotion, grit, and competitive intensity, is Russell (Westbrook). He’s going hard. It doesn’t matter who he’s playing against, it doesn’t matter what the odds are, he’s going. He’s going 110 percent every single time.”

Ironically just last month even Jordan compared Russ to himself and his intensity.

Moving on to the Durant topic, Kobe looks at it differently than most, while still being happy for his friend.

“I was happy for him. This is something that he wants to do man, he’s happy with his decision,” Bryant said. Rather than knock the decision he made or be jealous that he joined a “superteam” Kobe feels players should be fired up.

“As a competitor, I would have thought less about myself if I looked at that move and said, ‘That’s unfair.’ If you’re a real competitor, you say, ‘OK, lace ’em up, let’s go. I don’t care how many players you have over there, we’ll still take you down.'”

Would you expect anything else from Kobe?

H/t TheScore