Hammer pressing rappers back then?? Hammer pressing Redman back then?? Words I thought I’d never hear. According to Redman, MC Hammer was a person you didn’t want to joke on in the 90’s. Check out what Redman says about 90’s beefs, including his minor altercation with the memorable MC Hammer.

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Redman clowned MC Hammer, like many MC’s did at the time, on his first album “Whut? Thee Album”. He had a skit called “Funky Uncles” where he talked about the Hammer craze in the early 90’s, and he even threw jabs at his momma lol. Check out the funny skit below.

Hammer was not a fan. And he approached him about it.

Mind you, Redman claims that Hammer had a fair share of goons that would run up on anybody. VladTV even talked about how MC Search from 3rd Bass said Hammer put a hit on his crew, in which the crips were involved. If you were a rapper that joked on Hammer, let’s just say you were not safe in the Bay Area.

Check out the interview below to see what happened when MC Hammer approached Redman after he heard the skit: