Check out the way this police officer treated this black man after a high speed chase.
Since then he’s been criticized heavily, even by his very own police chief.

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Yes, 24 year old Montavis Keller was an immediate thereat to society while speeding past the police officers, but there is no excuse for how he was treated after he surrendered. He literally threw everything on his hands to the ground and fell down putting his hands behind his back like he was ordered to.

Afterwards officer Adam Wittmayer pulled on his dreadlocks repeatedly calling him a “dumb motherf****er”. Some people want Wittmayer fired but it looks like he is going to be charged with a misdemeanor assault. Some even believe that Wittmayer might not even be charged because his crime is so minor and because of the amount of danger Keller imposed on the neighborhood.

Check out the video below: