San Francisco 49ers tight end Bruce Miller is out of a job thanks to his own drunken stupidity. Miller was arrested early this morning after he attacked two men at a hotel in San Francisco who tried to stop him from entering their room.


Police said they were called to the Marriott on Fisherman’s Wharf at approximately 2:45 a.m. after Miller tried to enter a hotel room occupied by an elderly couple. The couple’s 29 year old son was also staying in the room and told Miller he had the wrong room and to leave. Miller instead assaulted him, along with his 70 year old father who came to the defense of his son. They were both taken to the hospital with injuries.

The 49ers initially issued a statement saying they were gathering the facts and would continue to monitor the situation. A little later in the day they tweeted that Miller was released from the team.

Miller likely wasn’t going to play much this season anyway but now he won’t be playing anywhere at all. He is being held on $178,000 bond and being charged with assault with a deadly weapon (not a firearm), two counts of criminal threats, battery and elder abuse.