Drew Brees has been an exceptional quarterback for the New Orleans Saints, and though he’s getting older & slightly on the decline, they rewarded for his time with the team.  The deal was done in the nick of time with the NFL season starting today.  Brees’ new deal makes him just under the highest paid quarterback in the league but unlike the Kobe deal, it does not hinder the Saints’ salary cap.

Brees and the Saints agreed to a five-year contract that voids down to two years and has a no-trade clause.  He will receive $44.25 million fully guaranteed over the next two years and gets more than $20 million in 2016.  Brees also received a $30 million signing bonus.

It could be Brees final two years with the team but it’s not definite that he will be done.  Though he got what he wanted and a significant amount of money, the Saints are also protected if the 37-year-old quarterback is indeed finished a la Peyton Manning, and his 2016 salary cap number is lowered significantly.

“Like I always said, these contract situations are just part of the process,” said Brees, who mentioned he plans to play more than two more NFL seasons. “Both sides are very happy. Certainly, I’m very happy. I want to play my entire career here … I’ll be here for as long as they want me.”

Though some say he’s on the decline, Brees finished 2015 with numbers remarkably similar to those from his 2009 Super Bowl campaign. He’s the lone quarterback to generate a QBR score of 70 or higher in each of the past three seasons, but he’s also dealt with injuries.

Brees is not only the face of the organization, but also the most important player ever to sport a Saints uniform.  New Orleans finished with a top-five offense just twice since its inception in 1967 through 2005.  Since Brees arrived his offense placed in the top five every year except for 2010 which was a sixth-place finish.

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