Darrelle Revis has been the butt of jokes on social media the past couple weeks. After being the best cornerback in the NFL for years, it’s looking like father time is somewhat catching up to him and he’s no longer that same elite player. There’s nothing wrong with that because you can only play at a certain level for so long before you start to fall off and Revis is still a very good corner, just not what we’re used to seeing with him. After the Bengals A.J. Green torched him last week, Revis gave up another big play to little known Bills receiver, Marques Goodwin last night, resulting in an 84 yard touchdown. Social media was not kind after the play.


After the play, twitter exploded with jokes about Revis Island, including many other athletes commenting about it. J.R. Smith tweeted “Damn #Revisisland turning into a tourist resort….#JustSaying”

Well of all the tweets from people, that one really caught Revis’ eye today and he clapped back at J.R. in a pretty cold but factual way. Check the gallery for the tweets!

People might want to hold off on saying Revis is falling off. Besides that one play last night, he pretty much shut down anyone he guarded and last week against A.J. Green was just one bad game. It will be interesting to see how the next few weeks play out.