Lil B is now taking initiative to protect children. While in LA, he got a chance to speak with a less fortunate family. He met three children and their mother and gave them $100 a piece and hugs.

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B took to Instagram to say,

The beautiful struggle im not gon stand for this no more or let my people struggle! I found 3 homeless black children and a beautiful mother in downtown LA!!! ! I gave all the kids 100 dollars and hugs and we had a good laugh the struggle is good when its solid people around but i dont trust the streets and children and god knows low income children need protection equally this hurts my heart becuase its so many fake people and i need to help but i am and im doing it personally and ima keep blessing people also women and men watch the folks that are using they job or housing for evil! I love yall and please protect the children and i swear to god im tired to seeing young black children born into the struggle ! Do your part and protect and educate the youth and our black youth number one and all youth number one black lives matter ! And so does yours ! But i must admit nobody is born into the struggle in america but black people fuck that and please wake up yall and watch who u letting around ur damn kids and the photos u posting of ur family dont nobody wanna or need to see that shit protect the children and world i love yall – Lil B

Check out the full encounter below.

Source: Complex