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At or around 11:20pm last night in Western Philadelphia a police patrol was ambushed with gunfire. Seven people including two officers were injured after the ambush led to a shootout which left the suspect as well as one civilian dead. Police found a note from the suspect after the scene which stated that he hated police and probation officers. For more details check in after the jump.

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Friday night at 11:20 pm a police Sargent was sitting in her car. Sgt. Sylvia Young is a 19 year veteran with the department and was suddenly ambushed by a suspect in her patrol vehicle. She was shot eight times by the suspect who clearly was intending to do more than just injure the woman. Luckily the bullet proof vest which the Sargent was wearing was able to protect her vital organs causing most of the bullets to penetrate her left arm.

After the attack the suspect fled on foot and responding officers gave chase. During the chase the suspect then fired shots into “The Maximum Level Lounge”. The bullets struck a security officer in the leg.

The tragedy continued as the man then grabbed a civilian woman, using her as a human body shield. He soon shot the woman in the leg and continued his rampage firing into a white vehicle. The vehicle was occupied by both a man and woman who were both hit in the chest. The two were taken to the hospital but unfortunately the woman would be pronounced dead. The man still remains in critical condition.

The altercation eventually led to a shoot out between police and the suspect where a University of Pennsylvania officer, 56 year old Eddie Miller would be shot in the leg and buttocks. The shootout eventually led to the suspects death.

Police upon further investigation of the scene found a note in which the suspect stated he hated police and parole officers. Mayor of Philadelphia Jim Kenney had this to say:

“I had the opportunity to be with both police officers this evening, and their families. One officer was cracking jokes with his kids and wife. The other officer was talking with her family. So we are happy, very blessed that that’s the way it turned out. I think we have to keep them in our prayers. The civilians, there are some seriously hurt, and still in various degrees of being treated. And I think all in all it was really a terrible scary night. But our officers turned out okay, and hopefully the civilians will turn out okay,”

More details are emerging as the rest of the names of the victims have not been identified yet. Stay tuned as we will keep you updated as more reports come in.

Source: ABC6