There were rumors that Nick Cannon dated supermodel Jessica White last year, though neither party ever confirmed the reports. It seems like Nick is trying to confirm it now, however.

In a new song Nick released on SoundCloud this week, he brags about bedding White, and even adds some colorful commentary about her skills in the sheets.

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“Jessica, I gotta talk to her/I gotta confess that your shit is better than the rest of ’em / Cuz when we f*ck, I put that whole 12 in her / Jessica, she model, professional, sexing butt naked in the back of the whip / The type you might want to wife and get pregnant – sike! / ! I got on protection though / She’s the best in the bed when it comes to the head”

Let’s talk about how weak these lyrics are, though…

Jessica has since replied. Listen to the song and check out what she had to say below.