Gilbert Arenas has won a major battle in the saga between him and his baby mother/former fiancee, Laura Govan.  A judge ordered Govan to pay Arenas a lot of money in one of their lawsuits against each other.

As I previously posted, Arenas sued Govan for libel after she allegedly wrote a nasty email about how he cheated and gave her STDs, then she leaked the email to various media outlets.  The former NBA star claimed the email humiliated him and affected his ability to work on his app without distraction.

Arenas won a default judgment in the case, in which the judge ordered Govan to pay $110,110 for his emotional distress.  Arenas was looking for seven figures, but the judge said there was not enough evidence to award that amount, and also took into account that Govan said she “has very limited financial means at this time.”

It’s likely that most of Govan’s money already comes from Arenas as he says he pays her $20,000 a month in child support.

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