While many think the Los Angeles Clippers have no chance against the Golden State Warriors, Clippers coach Doc Rivers says they can go up against anybody and they don’t see a gap between them and the Warriors.  Rivers was the coach of one of the earlier superteams, the Boston Celtics; Paul Pierce was a part of that Celtics Big 3 along with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett.  Now Pierce says the Clippers are a superteam as well.

“I think we have a superteam here,” said Pierce, who announced 2016-17 would be his final season earlier on Monday. ” I mean, you look at Chris Paul, who’s been a first-team All-NBA, Blake Griffin, first-team,DeAndre Jordan, currently First-Team All-NBA. How many teams can currently say that? You’ve got the best 3-point shooter in the NBA [JJ Redick]. You’ve got the Sixth Man of the Year [Jamal Crawford]. Why this is not a superteam? What defines superteam?

“When you look at those stats, when you hear what I’m saying, this could very well easily be what’s considered a superteam. There’s a number of superteams out there, and I guess that’s the way the league is going. But I like our chances versus anybody, being that we’re a superteam. I guess Golden State is a superteam, and as Derrick Rose said, the New York Knicks are a superteam.

“I don’t know how many superteams are out there, but there’s definitely three, so now I get the opportunity to play on another one, the Los Angeles Clippers. We’ve just got to go out there and win it now so we can be kind of inked into the history books as one of the great superteams.”

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source: ESPN