Imagine walking in your home and seeing two burglars having sex on your couch. A Tennessee woman by the name of Jamie Barnes walked in to this situation. These two burglars were stealing big time. Neighbors reported seeing the thieves stealing bins of clothing out of Barnes’s home.

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Barnes said,

“I picked up my broom, I wanted to hit that man so bad. She tried to grab one of my dresses and put it on and I snatched it from her, what are you trying to do?”

The thieves were trying to sell her jewelry and all. There was no shame in their game. Barnes started hitting the thieves with a broom. She says the man started saying,

“I don’t know nothing”

He ran out the home and was never found. The woman who’s name is Tonka Barnes, who by the way has no relation to Jamie Barnes, was arrested on aggravated burglary charges. Tonka says,

“It’s horrible in there. It’s absolutely horrible in there. It’s like they just had a big old nasty party.”

Source: Complex